Apr 012016

I hope that you are all having a good holiday and recharging your batteries for lots of hard work next term!

Well done to all of you that came to school for SATs revision.  You worked very hard and I hope that this has increased your self confidence.  Enjoy the rest of your holiday and keep revising.

See you all on Tuesday 12th April. Do not forget that Monday 11th April is an INSET day so do not come to school!

Mar 042016

A big well done to everyone who brought in a model/mixed-media picture based on our learning about the Mayans.  Your work showed good research, commitment and perseverance.  You should all be really proud of what you have achieved!

An even bigger well done to those of you that fulfilled all 3 parts of the challenge that I set you: a diagram of a model, a piece of writing that was creatively presented and the model/picture itself.

You will be pleased to see up to 10 house points added to your collection (depending on how many elements of the task you completed).

And to any parents that assisted in the creation of some of the fantastic pieces that were brought in, well done and thank you.  I hope that you enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with your child on a school project.  I do appreciate your imut.

Mrs Miller-Cox

Mar 042016

Hello everyone,

Well done if you have managed to post a comment or some information on our Blog.

I have noticed that many of you have a quite a few items to complete for your maths homework.  Please try to get these done as they will continue to accumulate.  If you are having problems completing the homework or with passwords etc., please let me know so that I can try to rectify the situation.

Practise will make a big difference to your understanding of a topic, so it is very important to try these exercises and watch the videos.

Mrs Miller-Cox

Feb 262016

hi everyone I found a really good website for Mayan instruments you go on to ” what instruments did the Mayans use to play”

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Feb 262016



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